Generation Alpha: The next “Next Generation”

Meet, Generation Alpha!! This know-how generation aged 1 to 6, was born in 2010 or later.

An Australian futurist, demographer, and TEDx speaker Mark McCrindle coined the term “Generation Alpha” for anyone born between 2010 to 2024. As you read this, there are now about 2.5 million ‘Alphanians’ being born around the globe each week and around 250 ‘Alphanians’ born each minute! When they have all been born (2025), they will number almost 2 billion.

Generation Alpha will be the smartest, wealthiest and most tech-savvy generation ever


Alpha kids will grow up with iPads (ironically, also launched in 2010!) in hand, never live without a smart phone, and may also have the ability to transfer a thought online in seconds. According to a study by Marc Prensky, an American author, “By the time this generation reaches the age of 21, they will have spent 20,000 hours watching television, 10,000 hours on their cell phones and only 5,000 hours reading!” Rather than novels and books, they will read and study from electronic devices. These massive technological changes will make Generation Alpha the most transformative generation ever…!

Generation Alpha will be the most formally educated and most technology supplied generation ever. They will also be the wealthiest generation and are set to be the world’s first generation of multi-millionaires. Their parents are most likely to have double incomes compared to the past generations, so they will surely be materially endowed.

Generation Alpha may not account for any purchasing power but their influence on their parents is already invaluable.


They may be too young to be your customer now, but their influence on their parents is already invaluable. Today, they are only 0 to 5 years old and do not account for any purchasing power. But they will soon take over the world — because that’s what subsequent generations supposedly do…!

By 2025, India will have surpassed China as the most populous country and Generation Alpha will form about 19% of the population of the world. The average household income will have gone up to 4 times of what it is today. Generation Alpha will also consist of the largest generation of middle-class consumers our world has ever seen — so one may not do any harm by understanding and preparing their business for such a huge demographic force.

I know that it may seem just like yesterday that marketers began addressing the needs, desires and attitudes of Generation Z (currently ranging in age from 7 to 21). We may also think that why are we talking about a generation that is just born, is just being born, or hasn’t even been born yet?

But we are talking sense. Because, as The New York Times pointed out once:

“For professional trend forecasters and futurists, a generation is not a collection of individuals born in a particular time, but a commodity. A commodity that needs to be processed into a manufactured unit, marketed and sold to the clients. To reach there first and define the next generation is like staking a claim in a gold rush.”

For one thing I am sure about Generation Alpha is that if you aren’t meeting their needs and meeting it right away, they’ll find someone who does! So, it is better you do it..


Generation Alpha is certainly the next ‘Next Generation’ for every business and industry the world has to offer

It may be impossible to understand completely how Generation Alpha will shape the future, but it’s not too early to try to figure out the implications of its distinctive nature. Generation Alpha may be named after the first letter of the Greek alphabet, and rightly so, it should be at the very forefront of our business minds.

A single piece of advice to all the businessmen, entrepreneurs, marketers and managers out there:

It’s time to get your campaigns and businesses in a row, because this determined generation is the future of everything you sell or serve…!

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